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What are you going to do next? A spontaneous getaway, a relaxed river cruise, a romantic city break sounds tempting? That’s right. A successful single trip, a breathtaking culture trip or a camping holiday surrounded by nature as well? Then choose one of the more than 50 travel categories and/or countries you would like to travel to and let yourself be inspired by our variety of offers. Would you like the full overview of travel offers right away? Then visit our section holidays or activities and browse through our enchanting world of travel guides and illustrated books. Would you like to give yourself and others a gift? Then don’t miss our smart travel vouchers for short trips section!

Your travel portal for the best travel deals worldwide

“See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream.” Follow the true words of Ray Bradbury and join us in discovering fantastic and unique places in the world, from the most popular, to the lesser-known ones. We offer you the latest travel packages in 2020 and also 2021 in more than 50 travel categories, which you can also book with our partners. With us, you benefit from a having a unique variety of trips available, which will help you have the holiday you’ve always dreamed of. That’s because TOURLIEBHABER® stands for attention to detail and quality.

Our unique travel offers – adventure trips, getaways, hiking trips and much more…

Let yourself get inspired. Browse through the fantastic variety of travel themes available in our travel and tourism portal and choose an offer from big and renowned travel agencies, as well as small ones, from all around the world. Be it a getaway in Germany, an exciting city trip to the cultural metropolises of this world, a relaxing family trip to the most Beautiful camping sites in Europe or a spontaneous last-minute trip. We have it all. Are you thinking about action, thrill and adventure at the hottest spots in the world or at rather remote destinations? Put on your safari hat and hunting boots and go on an unforgettable adventure trip. Breathe in the sea breeze while on a charming cruise. Take a ski trip and dash through powdery snow at the most beautiful ski resorts in the world. The most popular trips are both the classic themes and our special offers. Horse rides, expeditions, party trips, houseboat vacations or art and culture visits are only a few of our offers.

Your comprehensive carefree package – go from travel idea to booking with our partners

We wouldn’t be TOURLIEBHABER® if we only offered travel packages. You can also find a unique selection of tickets for activities, tours, attractions, music events and exhibitions throughout the world awaiting you. Thanks to an online search option for flights, hotels, rental cars and VISA, you will find a comprehensive carefree package, which can naturally be booked through our partners, so that you can easily get to your destinations. Bursting with ideas and creativity, we continue to expand our online offers.

Would you like to answer questions like Sprichst du Deutsch? Parlez-vous français? or Hablas español? with a confident YES? Then brush up on your language skills for your next trip with us. We offer online language courses with native speakers to help you and you can still have fun doing it. Do you still have no idea where to travel to next? In our handwritten TRAVEL MAGAZINE, we present you with the most beautiful destinations for your next vacations, with a good helping of puns and attention to detail. Insider tips, dreamlike photos or facts which will make you go “Aha!”. Be it close destinations, vacation classics or at the edge of the world, we can take you there…


Getaways – the most relaxation in a short break

You have suddenly gotten a few days off, don’t have time for a long vacation or just need a little break? But don’t know where to go? Then our travel offers are just the right thing for you. Getaways are the ideal way for a spontaneous trip, where you get to know the most beautiful landscapes and cities in Europe. Whether two, three or even five days, the ideal length for a short trip is entirely up to you. And best of all: If you go on a break a few times a year, you will not only get the most out of your vacation days, you will also discover even more of the world.  

Getaways to the most beautiful corners of Germany

In this hectic world, short trips are an ideal way to recharge batteries. And it doesn’t even have to be a flight to one of the most dazzling cities in Europe, because Germany is teeming with various destinations, ideal for a short break.

How about a hiking trip in the idyllic Altmühltal? Or a short trip to the wild and romantic North Sea beaches? Or even a culturally historical tour to explore castles and vineyards in the Middle Rhine Valley? Alternatively, shake off the stress in a spontaneous spa weekend, treat yourself to a break on the Bavarian Sylvenstein Dam or book a city trip to Hamburg or Berlin. Our travel offers leave nothing to be desired.

Travel offers for cheap short trips to other European countries

Would you like a change of scenery during a short trip, experience great culture or enjoy the Mediterranean sun? No problem, we have the perfect travel deals and exciting activities available at your desired holiday location. After all, our travel offers go from short trips such as romantic weekends on the mountain peaks of Austria or a couple of relaxing pampering days in the Italian Trentino to an unforgettable New Year’s Eve experience in the vast Andalusian mountains.


Activities & Tours – Unforgettable experiences all over the world

A successful trip is the result of unforgettable experiences at the holiday location. However, if all your most beautiful holiday experiences consist of more than sunbathing, lounging around and swimming in the pool, you are in the right place. Browse through our wide range of activities & tours and enjoy exclusive benefits at the holiday location. Take advantage of cheaper entry to attractions, save yourself from queuing at the world’s most famous museums and book exclusive group tours to complement our travel deals perfectly

Experience the culture and history of world metropolises up close

Every metropolis has sights that should be on the bucket list of every traveller. Whether in New York, Dubai, Berlin or Milan – those who plan and book activities and tours for their trip in advance have much more time to relax on site. Secure your place for an evening light ride in the Harbour of Hamburg, the preferred entrance to the legendary Uffizi Gallery in Florence or a private tour through the historic streets of Cairo. Whether you prefer a journey to Rome, Barcelona, ​​London, Los Angeles, Phuket and Co., our offers have a lot in store for you.

Land, sea and air activities

The world is full of adventures – you just have to discover them. Enjoy local wines and cheeses as part of an exclusive culinary tour of southern France, embark on a breath-taking balloon ride over the Cappadocian mountains, descend into magical Mayan caves in Mexico or embark on a sunset sail in the Mediterranean Sea. Even those who want to be active in their own journey will find what they are looking for with our activities and tours. Whether it’s a dive with whale sharks, a rafting trip in Bali or a jeep safari through the endless expanse of the Sahara – with us all your dreams can come true.

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