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Travel blog: Dive spots, wreck diving, diving license

Diving trips theme world
You have already placed diving goggles and oxygen supply and just want to dive? Suits you! In our diving trips theme world we present you the most beautiful dive sites, which are worth exploring. Find out what the legendary Blue Hole off Belize is all about, what a diving license costs in Egypt and what untouched coral landscapes there are to discover in the Arabian Gulf. You are a fresh fish in the water and need a beginner friendly diving holiday? In addition to breathtaking diving spots in the Mediterranean or Atlantic, it may surprise you that Norway and Antarctica are also suitable for adventurous diving. What an Open Water license is, what you need to know when diving with children and which diving trips are child-friendly, our FAQs clarify. Dive adventurously with the extraordinary wreck and cave diving and prepare yourself with our insider tips!