Not only Santa Claus and his assistants sign that Christmas is one of the most important events of the year. After the festival, we devoutly pack traditional folk art back into her summer sleeping quarters and are already looking forward to the moment of decorating our home with her again at the end of the year. But what would Christmas be without a look beyond the national horizon? Around the globe, millions of people celebrate magical Christmas traditions year after year. Expand your view, marvel and smile at an imaginary journey through the world’s most charming Christmas traditions.


Christmas Eve marks the end of Lent and is celebrated with an uneven number of meatless dishes. To share the meal with the spirits of the deceased, the table is not cleared.

Czech Republic

According to Bohemian tradition, an apple casing is the centre of interest after the banquet. Cut open crosswise, it can be seen whether a star-shaped housing brings good luck and health or a cross shape brings disaster.


To make it more difficult for witches and other evil spirits to fly away, all brooms are hidden on Christmas Eve.


Hardly any country has internalized the spirit of Christmas better. During the feast, an additional place setting is often laid out to welcome an unexpected guest to the family circle.


The Christmas tree is traditionally decorated with ornamental cobwebs. According to legend, a poor woman who could not afford tree decorations awoke on Christmas morning and enjoyed the sight of beautifully glittering cobwebs in the sunlight. Today, a spider’s web on a tree is considered a symbol of happiness.


On December 22, people want to be happy. At a big national lottery 22 schoolchildren sing the lucky numbers and the whole country stands still for a while.


Masked people in costumes move from house to house to drive away the evil spirits. Traditionally, they are invited to the houses to eat, sing and dance together.


The bad children, to whom the witch “La Befana” leaves a piece of coal in their socks, are allowed to get angry about black feet. Good children are richly presented with gifts by her on 6 January.


In the melting pot of nations, political correctness is the order of the day. Instead of “Merry Christmas”, “Season Greetings” wishes a Merry Christmas.

South Africa

What in Germany is the spring cleaning, here is the “Cape Malay” culture. Houses are renovated, textiles are renewed and the wardrobe is pimped at the end of the year.

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