The most frequently asked questions about cruises:

We have deliberately devoted ourselves to the top topics, because whether you may bring your own surfboard, a Zumba course is included in the price or which shops there are on board, varies from shipping company to shipping company. With our comprehensive cruise ABC you will dive even further into the wonderful world of cruising.

Dress code

The good news first of all: In the modern third millennium, the clothing regulations are far less strict than they used to be. Depending on the ship and the shipping company, casual to elegant clothes are welcome. It doesn’t have to be the noblest thread that finds its way into suitcases. As with any other holiday, there are a few basic rules to follow. A well-groomed appearance should be a matter of course. It is also a good idea to avoid bath slippers when visiting a restaurant and to wrap swim trunks and bikini so that the guest can concentrate on his meal at the table next door. You don’t do anything wrong with a sporty, casual look during the day. From 6 p.m. on, life on board becomes a little more formal. Jeans should stay in the cabin as well as shorts. There is nothing wrong with an evening dress with a low neckline as long as decency is maintained. Many guests appreciate the elegance of a cruise, which should be reflected in the clothing. With a tie and a jacket an outfit can be pimped if necessary in the twinkling of an eye. At the captain’s dinner it can be a bit more festive to pay tribute to the person who bears the highest responsibility for the safety of the guests on board.

Boarding card / board language

The boarding pass is a permanent companion on cruise ships. The small card in cheque card format is handed out once to each guest upon boarding the ship. As identification it takes the place of a guardian angel. It is scanned on shore leave as well as on re-embarkation and indicates to the crew that you have returned safely and legally to the ship. Unwanted persons on board are thus excluded. The boarding pass is also your key to cabin happiness. It serves as a door opener and activates the power supply. If incidental expenses for shore excursions, spa treatments or special spirits are incurred during the journey, the respective amount will be booked onto the boarding pass and settled at the end of the journey. It is advisable to make a separate note of any extra costs in order to avoid any nasty surprises when you receive your bill.
The language on board depends on the shipping company. For German shipping companies the language on board is usually German, for international shipping companies English.


How tips are handled on cruise ships also depends on whether they are already included in the cruise price. Some shipping companies have already included them in their packages. With international shipping companies, it is often customary for the on-board account to be automatically debited with tips. The amount must be explicitly communicated by the shipping company and is to be regarded as a suggestion. The decision to adjust the tip upwards or downwards is up to the guest and can be made during the voyage. With a few exceptions at the shipping companies, this also applies to accompanying children. German shipping companies often do not charge tips. They are often paid as a voluntary payment for good service on board. Recommendations on the amount of tips are issued by the shipping companies, so that newcomers receive a tendency for the optimal fairway. Special attention should be paid to the bar stewards. They often only have low basic salaries and are grateful for the bonus when purchasing drinks that are not included in the travel price.

Shore excursions organised or on your own

Whether an organised shore excursion or a trip on your own is the better choice depends on your personal taste, budget and some important conditions. The larger the group, the shorter the remaining time on site. Those who like to take time to capture the optimal scene light while taking pictures will most likely return frustrated on board during an organized excursion. Tour guides often do not have the opportunity to respond to individual wishes. Anyone who is at home in the cruise scene and often travels with the same shipping company will notice when looking at the excursion offer that repetitions will occur. Organising a shore excursion on your own, however, is a question of how time-consuming it is to deal with the destination. It is advisable to be able to fall back on plenty of buffer times in case of need in order not to miss the ship. In addition, a self-organised shore excursion is a good way to take the initiative in acquiring knowledge of the country and its people.

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