Off the ship, into the life of the locals – the best ideas for your shore excursion

Cruise fans already know. Cruise newcomers will quickly recognize it. If you book a cruise, you organise an all-round feel-good package. Guests are spoiled on board, but after a few days the belly area bubbles. Whenever the longing for culture and history as well as curiosity about the country and its people spreads. Backpacks are packed eagerly, maps of the oldschool are twirled between the fingers and the ship’s crew is gazed at impatiently as they moor at the destination. If you don’t want to rely on the standardized recommendations of the shipping company when going ashore, you will find the best ideas for an unforgettable shore excursion off the beaten tourist track in our guide.

Exquisite shore excursions worldwide – cruise adventures with draught

On a Baltic Sea cruise, fabulous pearls await you. In Stockholm, explore the unique archipelago around 14 interconnected islands and immerse yourself in the history of the Vasa ship. Let yourself be carried away by the lively hustle and bustle of Art Nouveau in Helsinki and explore old Tsar culture and the waterways in the “Venice of the North” in St. Petersburg in the magical light of the White Nights.

Breathe the cold, pure air of the north on a hike in the mountain world of Spitsbergen. Visit the Russian mining town of Barentsburg on a boat trip and let the forces of nature of the Arctic fjords take their toll on you. In Billfjorden and Adolfbukta you hike along the glaciers and enjoy an authentic expedition dinner. With a husky sleigh ride you will take home memories of an unforgettable experience.

It gets hot during a Mediterranean cruise and a breathtaking volcanic hike on Mount Etna. Alternatively the trip with a lobster offers a real off-road adventure. Canyoning in the Alcantara Gorge is one of the most popular trend sports. Explore the origins of the Olympic Games in Greek Olympia and enjoy inner peace in Maltese Mdina, the “city of silence”. A wine tasting in Puglia, surrounded by the historic Trulli houses, could be the perfect time to stop.

Enjoy the scent of the Orient in the traditional souk of Salalah. Visit the unique Krishna temple in Mangalore, India and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the unique rice fields and mangrove forests on Langkawi. Explore the Caribbean Aruba by quad bike, take an exciting bamboo raft ride in Falmouth, Jamaica and watch a cigar factory in La Romana make traditional handmade smoked goods. While ziplining in Costa Rica, roar through the treetops and get close to the historic districts of Charleston in North America on a horse-drawn carriage ride. Immerse yourself in the past and take a vintage car tour of Manhattan’s golden 1920s in New York.

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