River cruises  – short trips at enchanting river landscapes

Quietly and quietly in the shadow of ocean shipping, river cruises have become one of the bestsellers in the travel industry in recent years. In times of mass tourism, passengers appreciate the advantages a river cruise offers them. This not only in terms of life on board, but even more in terms of the most causal travel intention – to discover holiday destinations and return home with a backpack full of unforgettable memories. Why river cruises are predestined for a short break is explained by our selection of offers and good reasons to resist which is a real challenge.

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Smart travel in times of climate protection – river cruises for a short break between trips

If you don’t want to travel far and only want to enjoy a few days off in the best possible way, your holiday is almost on your doorstep. In Germany alone, the Rhine, Moselle, Danube, Elbe and Oder offer excellent conditions for a river cruise. Long flight distances for the journey are void, which affects not only the purse, but also for course journey advocates a welcome advantage represents. If you don’t feel comfortable with English or other foreign languages, you can enjoy the German on-board language in this country.

With a river cruise you travel smart. In times when climate protection plays an important role, especially in the tourism industry, the cruise concept makes all the difference. Instead of visiting each location individually, you can visit the destinations of your choice in one ride. Instead of strenuous arrivals and departures, you use the free holiday time to experience more during your short holiday.

Ships for river cruises have been built low to fit perfectly under most bridges. This results in a higher density of outside cabins for stunning river views. Thanks to their special design, river cruise ships can call at smaller ports. They anchor closer to the city centres, so that sights are often only a stone’s throw away. Cruise the Rhône to discover the wild Camargue, Provençal floral beauties, vineyards, castles, historical and cultural treasures, or swim the Seine to Paris. The city of fashion is also an ideal destination for a shopping trip. Take a short break to experience more of the world on a river cruise and spend less time on the water. When you open your eyes in the morning, there is often already a world full of new impressions at your feet.

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