“Magic Moments” – unique photo journeys & unforgettable cultural journeys with irretrievable memories

If you are passionate about photography, if you like to test your fellow travellers’ patience with traditional forms of travel in order to capture the perfect scene light, and if you want to leave individual souvenirs of your destinations to posterity, our photo trips are your ultimate. Benefit from a programme specially designed to meet the needs of photographers and look forward to sharing ideas with like-minded people in small groups. Your tour guide as well as an experienced photographer will work hand in hand on site and there will always be enough time for individual photo discussions. Let your creativity merge with the goal before your eyes and dare an experiment with different perspectives to let the object of your desire shine. Don’t worry! You don’t have to be a thoroughbred professional to experience the fascination of photo travel. Ambitious and advanced photographers are also well integrated.

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“Best Pictures” around the globe

The fundamental right to happiness is constitutionally regulated in Bhutan. Well then, lens cleaned and off to the land of the thunder dragon! Take a photographic stroll through old royal cities. Visit mighty monastery castles and take panoramic flights in the territory of the Himalayas.

Your motifs will hardly be more colourful than on a photo trip to Cuba. Let yourself be enchanted by the unique flair of the colonial cities and the charm of brightly coloured vintage cars. Listen to the captivating story of Che Guevara and breathe the scent of socialism. Perhaps at Fidel Castro’s favourite smoke – a smoky “Cohiba” from the time-honoured tobacco industry in the heart of the Caribbean? Also colonial and absolutely magical are you on a photo trip to Vietnam. On a full moon you will spend the night on a typical junk in the middle of the famous Halong Bay and glide by boat through the picturesque Mekong Delta. An exciting and photographically attractive destination is Southeast Asian Laos with its temple diversity and the abundance of fish in the Tonle Sap lake.

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If you bring patience for photo motives of moving nature, photo safaris to Kenya, Namibia, Zambia and Botswana are an excellent possibility to go on you and you with the rulers of the wilderness. Stay close to the river, photograph the incomparable wildlife of the Okavango Delta and preserve the sight of the gigantic Victoria Falls for eternity. Do you have it too – the only true photographer’s dream? An expedition cruise to the spheres of Antarctica offers you an icy world of sheer solitude. Focus on the glittering icebergs, greet the king penguins in South Georgia and tell us how a trip in a relatively tiny rubber dinghy will make you stare awesomely at the mighty world of ice ahead. If you’re keen on an equally frosty adventure in the northern hemisphere, we recommend you – believe it or not – take a photo trip to Spitsbergen, Greenland and Iceland to see the colourful world of the Arctic. With a little luck one of the spectacular northern lights will waft in front of your lens. If you don’t want to travel that far, you can look forward to atmospheric sunny scenarios in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains and nature in its purest form in Saxon Switzerland National Park. SNAP IT!

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