A few days off or a long weekend are a welcome opportunity for a short trip. Whether with the children on the weekend to the Baltic Sea, whether planned by long hand to the North Sea – a short trip to Germany offers pure relaxation in a charming environment far away from everyday life. So, where do you want to go?

The most beautiful holiday resorts for short trips to the Baltic Sea

The German Baltic Sea coast stretches over a length of 2,247 kilometres from Denmark to Poland. Endlessly long sandy beaches, picturesque lighthouses, picturesque seaside resorts and impressive chalk cliffs exude their very special charm. Thanks to over 2,000 hours of sunshine per year, the Baltic Sea coast is one of the most sun-drenched regions in the country. The short trip including sun guarantee is therefore particularly popular both in summer and in the spring and autumn months.

The Baltic Sea owes its popularity among short holidaymakers to its diversity. In addition to lively harbour towns such as Kiel, Flensburg and Lübeck, it is above all the sophisticated seaside resorts between the beach chair and the promenade that invite you to dream. The offer is particularly large starting from the cosy apartment for two over the dog-friendly holiday house up to the 4-star hotel in Boltenhagen, Timmendorfer beach as well as in Heiligendamm. Immerse yourself in the historical charm of the imperial era between a number of villas worth seeing and enjoy your journey along the Amber Coast. Another short trip classic is a short holiday on Rügen, Fehmarn or Usedom, where adults relax with an extensive wellness programme while children go on an adventure search.

Maritime adventures with children

Baltic Sea short trips with children are an experience for young and old, because there is no shortage of attractions and excellent fish restaurants. While animal lovers can look forward to the OZEANEUM Stralsund, the Meereszentrum Fehmarn and the Tierpark Gettorf, dinosaur fans in the dinosaur country of Rügen will be transported back to prehistoric times between several life-size lizards. Alternatively, you can enjoy family action at HANSA-PARK in Sierksdorf, enjoy the panoramic deck of a pleasure steamer or follow in the footsteps of legendary Vikings at the Haithabu Viking Museum. And that’s just the top of the short trip iceberg!

Exciting search for the gold of the Baltic Sea

More than 1,000 years ago, the Vikings made amber jewellery and sold it from the Baltic Sea to Arabia. Even today you can search for the gold of the Baltic Sea on the beaches between Denmark and Poland. Especially early in the morning the chance for fat prey is especially high. Short trips to the Baltic Sea are great fun for young and old treasure hunters.

Short trips at the North Sea: Short time out at the sea

Whether alone, as a couple, with the offspring or with dog. A short holiday to the North Sea promises not only sun, beach and sea, but at any time of the year the very special moments. Stay in a picturesquely situated hotel directly behind the dike and enjoy the maritime charm in picturesque coastal towns such as Neuharlingersiel, Butjadingen or Bad Bederkesa.

Cycling, building sandcastles, bathing or simply relaxing with a book in a beach chair, short trips to the German North Sea coast offer plenty of space for relaxation. But thanks to lively cities such as Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven and Jever, culture is not neglected either. In addition to numerous holiday accommodations and hotels, which you can book cheaply, the cities score points with their cosy harbours and exciting museums. What is not to be missed when travelling to the North Sea is a trip to Germany’s largest national park, the Wadden Sea. Stomp with your children through the UNESCO World Heritage Site and immerse yourself in the fascinating animal world of the North Sea on your hikes across the seabed. By the way, the silt is a real fountain of youth for your skin – so a wellness holiday is included.

Varied trips to the German North Sea islands

If you like it a little quieter, you can pitch your tents for 3 days or a few more nights on the Frisian islands. Whether it is the lonely enjoyment of nature on the seal beaches of Baltrum, a candlelight dinner including lobster on Sylt or a short wellness break in a hotel on the deep-sea island of Helgoland. Alternatively, you can book a hotel on several islands for one day at a time and get to know the diversity of the island world within a few days by island hopping.

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