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Dreamlike wellness short trips that bring body and mind into balance

You think it’s time to consciously take a break and enjoy life to the fullest? Yes, it is! Take the eagle’s eyes out, set off on a wellness short holiday to new heights and make yourself comfortable while browsing through the travel offers to get in the mood. Whether it’s a romantic short break with your partner, a wellness weekend with your best friend or a pampering time with the whole family – relaxation can be found where your soul is at home. Hot thermal springs, drinking cures, yoga as well as the Indian Ayurveda healing theory help you to completely switch off and do your body good during short trips to the most beautiful wellness destinations in Europe. Curious what everything goes?

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Thermal treasures of nature and alternative energy sources – use short trips for wellness at the pulse of time

The green idyll of Brandenburg alone is balm for the soul – a short trip in the Spreewald Biosphere Reserve is the high art of relaxation. Relax in the Spreewald Therme, visit the Kräutermühlenhof and let the worries of everyday life flow away with the water on a boat trip.

During a short trip at the Baltic Sea, two wellness hearts beat in one breast. Short trips to Rügen are truly authentic. Where else could a chalk pack be applied more effectively than in the immediate vicinity of the famous chalk cliffs? Take a look over the border at this point! The Polish Baltic Sea is an often misunderstood, but enchanting jewel and a great destination for wellness short trips. Eastern Europe is ahead of the pack when it comes to relaxation. Short trips in the Czech Republic are perfect for relaxing days beyond everyday life. In the Bohemian Spa Triangle around Karlovy Vary, Marienbad and Franzensbad you will find everything that pampers body and soul. Treat yourself to exclusive vitality treatments in the popular health resorts, stroll along the famous colonnades and try to taste the differences of the thermal healing waters during a drinking cure.

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To let the silence into your soul, a yoga retreat is the perfect switch-off for the head. Yoga postures and breathing exercises help to detoxify your body, supply it with oxygen and vitamins and radiate new energy. Take advantage of the clear mountain air during a short holiday in Austria for an optimal yoga ambience and let yourself be carried through the cold season with the high altitude sun. The Indian medicine Ayurveda offers you a fantastic opportunity to free your body from harmful toxins. You can confidently do without long flights to the roots of healing. Whether Ayurveda in the Allgäu, on the Lower Rhine or in the Heide – use short holidays in Germany to profit from the deep effect and find your inner centre again.

You know that you need a break, but you don’t know when you can take it? With a hotel voucher you secure your wellness short trip in Budapest at a mega price and get endless anticipation for free on top!

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