You’ll be gone for a minute? – Why a short trip is the ultimate kick to luck

The fact that the length of a holiday has no influence on the recreational effect has already been researched by experts. With a short trip you will miss the ultimate kick. Why not between roast goose and hangover breakfast on a New Year’s Eve trip to the capital? Would you have thought it was the jackpot to have only a few days off for a short trip? We assure you: The colleague who spends three weeks sizzling in the Caribbean sun will plan his next holiday differently if you disappear again into the alpine sun between Christmas and inventory on a ski short trip and go back to work full of energy after your return. Want to bet that your boss is also happy about your fresh head? The best thing about it is that with a voluminous selection of offers for short trips, you can secure your time out after work even during the lunch break. Travel vouchers make it possible and you can be there within 24 hours. You’ve never been so spontaneous before, have you?

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Short trips with a character of sustainability – when many small impressions develop into a great feast for the senses

With a short trip you can build clever bridges. Combine holidays and weekends and get out of the way. Dedicate the newly gained time to your family, treat yourself to fresh air and plan a hike on a family holiday in Austria. Elaborate planning and hours of preparation are a thing of the past – spontaneity is the magic word today!

Have you set your sights on an exciting event? Maybe a great musical in Hamburg? With a ticket or fuel in the tank and a speedily organized overnight stay your short trip stands. All you have to do is lean back and enjoy. Holidays such as the Easter holidays or Whitsun are perfectly suited for it, without you having to spend any holiday days at all. During a weekend trip during the often hectic Advent season, a visit to the Nuremberg Christmas Market will slow down and get you in the mood for what Christmas is supposed to be – a festival of contemplation. The choice not only for short trips at Christmas is almost endless. Almost any activity or city trip can be combined with an extension of a few days.

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Convince yourself that you do not necessarily need the great journey to faraway India to find your inner centre again with the Indian medicine Ayurveda. A short wellness trip to the Baltic Sea also does the trick and can be integrated into everyday life much more spontaneously. Theoretically you could also travel to the moon if only your partner is on board. However, a romantic weekend or candlelight dinner has a much more delightful ambience. Indulge your palate on a gourmet short trip and enjoy an exclusive drop of wine at a wine tasting in the Palatinate or on the Moselle. If you now sniff the scent of blooming alpine meadows during a short holiday in the Allgäu, enjoy life with all your senses. Don’t you think that you will experience more of the world with a short holiday?

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