Popular hotspots and unrecognised beauties – the most enchanting cities for a short trip

Have you ever wondered why the term city trip is often used in connection with a short holiday? Exactly! Because when exploring a city destination everything is offered what the inclined holidaymaker needs in the short of time: New impressions, culture, history, romance and adventure as well as the absolute flash that beams the soul into another world in no time at all and brings it back just as quickly when the time has come to return. Since it’s really hard to make a choice as to which city your next short trip should go to, we recommend that you only commit yourself to one order and meticulously continue your “bucket list”. Are you ready to go? We have great ideas, classics and stunning destinations for a city trip as part of your short break at the start.

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City trips on New Year’s Eve, short trips during the Christmas season & diverse water impressions

Venice is the epitome of pure romance and has more to offer than gondola jackets and pigeon peeking at St. Mark’s Square. Leave the paths on which the tourists leisurely wander back and forth, stroll through narrow alleys and take the vaporetto to the picturesque island of Giudecca. With a hotel voucher in Venice, you can be sure of super-cheap, chic overnight accommodations! Insider tips for Venice? You can find these in our Venice travel magazine.

If you feel like doing the splits between tradition and modernity or are planning a romantic short trip, we will send you to Paris. Whether it’s jazz sounds in Saint-Germain, a moonlight stroll on the Champs-Élysées or a visit to the Mona Lisa in the Louvre – the heart of France will beat in your chest on a short trip. Wondering what you can do in Paris? We have the answer with our wide range of activities in Paris.

Reasons for short trips with charm and refinement

Do you love wavy history, the peaceful course of the Vltava River and the paradisiacal, damn tasty river of a Czech beer? You can get by on foot in Prague and also enjoy a New Year’s Eve party. If you can’t stand it until the end of the year, come and visit Prague’s Christmas Market! Let yourself be enchanted by the Christmas tree on the Old Town Square and the enticing tree trusses. In addition to the culinary delights, we recommend these great activities in Prague.

In addition to the typical canal hotspot Amsterdam, Bruges is a neo-Gothic city treasure with ivy-covered houses and picturesque old town. Let yourself be touched by the sounds of the Bruges carillon, immerse yourself in the golden autumn light and fall in love with colourful markets and unique sacred buildings. How about a short trip in Vienna in the splendour of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy ? This historical jewel is ideal for New Year’s Eve trips or short Christmas trips and has an extra ace up its sleeve. With a river cruise on the Danube you will discover the city from a completely new perspective.

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Why wander into the distance? With short trips to Berlin you have the perfect starting point for wellness short trips to Brandenburg and boat romance on a boat trip in the Spreewald after the highlights of the capital. Hamburg is and remains – whether with or without a musical experience – one of the top destinations for city breaks. And rightly so! In our travel magazine Hamburg you can read why. Lovers of culture and history in particular will get their money’s worth in medieval-inspired holiday resorts such as Nuremberg, Lübeck, Cologne or Heidelberg. But Weimar, the city of Goethe, also ranks high in the ranking of the most popular city trips.

World-famous sights, the magic of the monarchy, green parklands and enchanting shopping opportunities await city tours in the London cauldron. But before it’s 5 to 12, let’s take another look at the Big Ben dial. This shows exactly when the New Year’s Eve party on the Thames reaches its zenith. Same procedure as last year? Then let’s go to the party of the year with a short break in Barcelona! A Mediterranean dinner on the Las Ramblas is not only an optical pleasure!

As you can see, there are many good reasons for a short trip. What is yours?

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