Stay overnight where only the moon watches – Travel vouchers for Cube hotels

Can you imagine something more romantic than letting your eyes wander from your bed to the firmament before falling asleep as the last official act of the day? It will be difficult – but not impossible with a cube hotel under the grandiose starry sky in the Rhön! Okay, the moon would have to cover its eyes for a moment if the starry sky was to be visible. The fact is, however, that it can reopen it at any other place in the world. Because with a hotel voucher for a futuristic Sleep Cube you will experience breathtaking overnight experiences and make a significant contribution to sustainability. Both the cosy bed and the interior have been equipped with environmentally friendly materials. Isn’t merging with nature also a great gift idea?

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Outdoor Cubes – to be good friends with some cows

With a cube in the prairie of Lower Saxony you enjoy farm flair and are woken up by Laura while cuddling cows in the morning. Are you in awe of dairy animals and would rather take a summer toboggan through the countryside? Choose the Cube in the middle of a husky pack in Holstein. The sleeping cube offers space for a cosy togetherness and even a child can cuddle up to it. With the three large panorama windows you enjoy the feeling of merging with pure idyll and being very close to the sky. By the way: the integrated chill box contains organic drinks and snacks as well as an aperitif for the sunset when you listen to the sound of the surf on the North Sea beach in the dunes – all alone without other moon-hungry people. Is the sea rough and the wind whipping? In the Cube you are protected from wind, weather and the dinosaurs in the dinosaur park in the southern Eifel. Toilet and washing facilities are in the immediate vicinity and the passage there can be a separate adventure in the corn labyrinth at the Edersee.

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Indoor cubes – with the mattress between mattresses

Really! While you are already swinging on your mattress, dozens of others are waiting around for their new owner. Because with a Cube in the furniture store Hochtaunus you experience what many dream of. Shopping all night long – a dream for every woman, isn’t it? Away with the clichés and into the kimonos. During a night in the Friesland Thermal Baths you will have the tropical paradise all to yourself. Before you think long and hard – take off! If you don’t want a night in the museum to remain a dream, exciting flight scenarios await you at the AERONAUTICUM in Cuxhaven. Afterwards we should have another look at the weather. At the weather station in Winterberg you will not only enjoy a fantastic view of the dishevelled treetops, but you can also take care of the moon and the starry sky yourself – while the wind sweeps around the tower and you dream of your next Cube spot.

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