A hotel voucher for short trips and city breaks – often thinking about yourself and reducing travel costs

Aren’t you also curious when you think of Mimi and her fragrant slube hotel near the Elbe? If Mimi hasn’t sent you a postcard with greetings yet, just follow her! Because just as great as a travel voucher for a short trip to Germany is as a gift idea, so clever is self-interest in this case. With a hotel voucher you not only have a spontaneous gift for your loved ones, but also always a small “memento” on your desk to simply go on holiday again. Turn the tables and make Mimi jealous! While Mimi is still indulging in her Dresden Christstollen in her slube hotel, treat yourself to wine romance in the Saxon town of Radebeul.

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How to do it! – With refinement and a different perspective, set off on spontaneous adventures

Now you want to have a great time at the turn of the year and you want a luxury hotel on a New Year’s Eve trip to Berlin? If you don’t want your happiness curve to go down when checking the hotel price, grab a hotel voucher! With this you can save up to three quarters of the usual hotel price for a direct booking. This is particularly worthwhile because hotel prices are usually subject to strong fluctuations and can resemble a real roller coaster ride. Don’t buy a ticket for the Rollercoaster and rather invest in a travel voucher. The voucher remains valid for up to 36 months at no extra charge. If the hotel raises the prices in the meantime, shrug your shoulders cool, wave your hotel voucher and be happy that there is still money left over for sightseeing tours and activities during a short holiday in Austria. Think outside the box and limit your travel expenses.

By the way, travel vouchers are name-neutral and not limited to a fixed value. If you can’t use the hotel voucher you were meant for yourself for a visit to a musical on a city trip to Hamburg, simply press event ticket and travel voucher on Mimi’s eye. She is happy when she can climb her stylish cube hotel in Hamburg in the face of the Elbphilharmonie and enjoy the exciting skyline view.

You are already on the road, but don’t want to be home in a few days? Extend your city break with a quick hotel voucher. You can use your smartphone to request availability directly from your hotel and combine your city trip to Barcelona smart with a short break in Spain lasting several days. Tilt your head towards the sky at a 90-degree angle, watch the voucher pigeon land and thank the universe for inventing the Internet. Your travel voucher will reach you within 24 hours and you still have plenty of time to contact your colleagues (or Mimi) with a postcard.

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