Wellness and the dream of slow-down – why EntSPAnnung makes our souls laugh

As modern people in a modern age, we appreciate the benefits of the 21st century. But in times when digitalization is mercilessly taking hold, when people in parts of the professional world are being replaced by artificial intelligence and we are spurring ourselves on anew every day in the hamster wheel to top performance, the corners of our mouths go proportionally upwards when the word “wellness” caresses our ears. With shining eyes, our thoughts drift into a world where towels are rolled, river stones stacked and warm trickled oil makes its way across our bodies. But is that really all “wellness holiday” really about? As rebellious as the idea may be in our heads, as curious are we about the complete program that makes our souls laugh. Welcome to the orbit of the sun – welcome to “Wellbeing”!

Health is not a question of karma – it is an effect when wellness has arrived in the mind

In order not to deprive you of the illusion, we enter where the thought center may (still) be focused. Since “spa” literally means “healthy through water”, wise people have realized that thermal springs are much too good not to be tapped and to do something good for those seeking relaxation. In many places in Germany they pop out of the ground. Therme Erding has even made it to the top of the world rankings. Apropos world: In the Badegärten Eibenstock in the Erzgebirge you have the possibility to take a sauna trip around the globe. During a visit to the Therme Bad Steben you can swim in the “Wellness Dome” like the mouth monkeys and Austria has built a whole thermal and volcanic region with Styria. The Therme der Ruhe in Gleichenberg provides you with relaxation as well as inner contemplation and wellness for the eye with old trees. The Parktherme Bad Radkersburg and the Therme Loipersdorf are in no way inferior.

Wellness SPA Pool © Alena Ozerova / adobe.com © Floydine / adobe.com © Africa Studio / adobe.com

Ready for more? Say goodbye to your smartphone for a while and plunge into “Digital Detox” during a wellness weekend. Treat yourself to an Ayurveda treatment in the Allgäu and show muscle tension the cold shoulder. Explore counter-pole forces at Yin and Yang Yoga in Thuringia and clear your body of excess energy during a detox treatment in the Bohemian Spa Triangle in the Czech Republic. Meditate on volcanic slopes during a wellness holiday in Iceland or come close to perfect bliss during a mindfulness trip to Nepal. Practising monks in a Tibetan monastery will help you center your self-reflection. Improve your handicap during a golf break in the Lüneburger Heide or combine culinary delights with a relaxing Nordic Walking tour in Austrian Joglland with a gourmet menu. Stroll in the clean air of the Baltic Sea and North Sea beaches to the ultimate slow-down and enjoy the alpenglow at Lake Constance when your soul laughs full of SPA.