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Activities in Dubai

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More Ferraris than small cars on the streets, artificial islands with modest names such as “The World”, glittering façades, water features in the desert sand and gold vending machines at the airport. Welcome to the magical world of the Emirate of Dubai, which with its eccentric character has more than earned the title “Disneyland of the Middle East”.

“Higher, faster, further”, in Dubai is more than just a platitude, but a life motto that always stomps new superlatives from the ground. No wonder the former Bedouin village on the Persian Gulf fascinates travellers from near and far with breath taking attractions such as the views from the 828-meter-high “Burj Khalifa”, luxury hotels such as the “Burj al Arab” and the largest shopping centre in the world. Dubai is balancing modernity and tradition at the same time. Away from the shrill Dubai is the “Bur Dubai” district, in which ancient mud houses, the smell of exotic spices and the bustle of the traditional gold souks will send you into the world of the ancient Middle East. If dreams of 1001 nights come true in any place, then it is in Dubai.