„Tranquillity is the source of strength“, Confucius already knew that. However, convent trips not only serve as an inner retreat and inspiration, but are also ideal for scenic beauty, to visit the country, its people and sights. Beautiful, sometimes romantic monasteries, as they exist in many cultures around the world, offer an ideal place for a meditative and spiritual retreat.

This combination makes a convent trip something very special, from a historical, cultural and spiritual point of view. After all, the sometimes-ancient walls breathe the history of several hundred years: no matter whether you want to travel into the distance of Asia or to enjoy the tranquillity of local monasteries. How about, for example, a historic journey, in which the atmosphere of novels like “The Name of the Rose” seem to come to life? Alternatively, head to the traditional convents of India, Nepal and Thailand, where you can immerse into a completely different world and discover the meditation culture of Asia. Whether near or far – convent trips are ideal for recharging strength, inspiration and lightness.

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