Would you like to dive in a large selection of arrangements for unique diving trips to Egypt, Barbados or the Maldives? Voilà! Our carefully selected partners make it possible. We have listed their offers in the boxes below. Would you like to know on which dates the offer is available and what the itinerary and highlights of the destination look like? Since diving is nice, but unnecessary searching is time-consuming, colourful icons in the boxes bring the most important details into focus. For example, the purple map icon shows the location of the dive hotspot and the book icon leads you to impressive dive travel literature in our travel guides world. If you now click on the box, your diving adventure is not far away. This click is free and takes you to the tour operator’s website where you can make a binding booking. We always monitor the current market trends, with which we expand the selection. Our diving trips themed world inspires with a colorful underwater guide. Have you ever visited our cruises and expeditions? It’s worth it!

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