Travel, do kind things and benefit directly from the effects? Works perfectly with the eco-travel offers of our partners. They present their sustainable travel offers in the boxes. On a holiday on an organic farm, you can indulge yourself with regional products from the farm and field. Take a look at the calendar symbol to see on which dates the haystack is waiting for you and your family. Fair working conditions on the plantations of this world make organic farmers smile. You will also smile when the suitcase icon shows you the course of an eco-trip to India. You can cycle climate neutrally on European island pearls. Use the map icon to locate the network of cycle paths you are planning. With a non-binding click on the offer, you will be forwarded to the final booking option. Welcome to the platform! Your Eco-Express is ready to go.

The topic of sustainability is very much in trend. This is no different in the travel sector. And so, in addition to the demand for eco-travel, the offer of a wide variety of travel providers is also booming. But those who are expecting to camp in hemp sandals in a yurt without running water in the forest, are completely wrong. On the contrary.

Eco trips offer sustainable travel fun in a variety of forms and without sacrificing all sorts of amenities. Look forward to a relaxing holiday away from mass tourism, which will take you to the most beautiful places in the world. Whether you spend a thrilling holiday on the organic farm with your family, take a sailing vacation on the Ijsselmeer or embark on a whale watching tour in the framework of an Azores trip organized according to all the rules of sustainability – you decide. But even classic package tours can be sustainable, because on Mallorca, on the North Sea or in the Bahamas, the offer of sustainably managed accommodation never ends. Including local food, eco-friendly excursions and canoe trips instead of helicopter tours. What are you waiting for? Go Green!

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