Ready for an expedition adventure? If our adventure tours are not spectacular enough for you, or if you feel like an extraordinary holiday in a class of its own, the travel offers of our hand-picked partners are your option with our expeditions. The boxes below will take you on a journey through the most exciting expedition offers. The date icon indicates that the icebreaker expedition does not necessarily have to be breakneck for your calendar. Beware! The itinerary and highlight icons, as well as the purple destination locator icon, may chase your adrenaline up. Since an expedition trip is relaxing on the one hand, but certainly not like a walk on the other, a question may arise that is not answered in the offer details. The green question mark will give you a quick answer. Click free of charge on the box for your dream expedition and be redirected to the tour operator’s website. There you can make a firm booking. Explore the vertices of our earth with our Arctic expeditions and Antarctic expeditions! Fancy a travel adventure under water? Then our diving trips offers are exactly what you are looking for!

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