A new language is like a new life? Exactly – challenging and ultra-captivating. With the language trips of our partners, you can refresh your language skills or learn a new one at short notice or during a year abroad. You’ll be perfectly equipped for intercultural encounters. Where better to do this than in London, the centre of the world’s No. 1 language? Use our calendar icon to match holidays and available dates. Would you like to go to warmer climes? Check the course of a language study trip to Malta with the suitcase icon. Find out exactly where students and young people can optimise their French skills during a stay abroad in Québec, Canada, with the maps icon. By clicking on the box, you can hang on the lips of friendly native speakers without any obligation. When you book, you combine language learning with cultural curiosity. Let’s go!

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    Sprachferien | Irlands Westküste
    Das Clare Language Centre im wunderschönen County Clare bietet über den Sommer Sprachkurse für Kinder und Teenager in kleinen Gruppen mit professionel geschulten Lehrern an. Neben dem täglichen Lernen werden Aktivprogramme angeboten, die für reichlich Abwechslung sorgen und natürlich die Westküste e...
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