As extensive as the possibilities for a short holiday is the number of arrangements of our partners. We work together with selected tour operators in order to provide you with the perfect short break. Have you ever thought of a travel voucher for a short holiday? To save you a long search, the colourful icons in the boxes inform you about the details of each offer. In addition to travel dates, you will also find convenient information on dates, programmes and highlights. So that you can locate the short holiday destination, the purple map icon provides you with the desired information. Do you already feel like getting into the mood for your holiday? Our travel guide section has everything from pocket guides and city maps to illustrated books from all the leading publishers. Cool, isn’t it? Find out more about the travel details by clicking on the box without obligation. The forwarding to the website of the tour operator provides information and creates the possibility for booking. By the way, the offers will be continuously expanded for you. Our short holiday theme world as well as the holidays section will bring you to fresh holiday ideas at any time. Betting?

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