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Activities in Graz

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Did you know that Graz was the European Capital of Culture in 2003, or that Graz's city centre has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011 and is also named UNESCO City of Design? No? Then it is high time you find out why the city has become a title collector among Austria's major cities. Unlike Salzburg and Vienna, the second largest city in the Alpine republic does not owe ist unique appeal to musicians from the post-Napoleonic period, but to a Mediterranean flair that most closely resembles a mixture of Emilia Romagna and the Costa del Sol. But not only the baroque palaces, the Opera Graz, the Landeszeughaus and the castle Eggenberg reflect the magic of Tuscany, but also the cuisine. No wonder that the Austrian version of "La dolce Vita" amidst Styrian wine, spicy mountain lamb and coffeehouse culture with a view of the Mur and the Grazer Uhrenturm is particularly enjoyable. If that is still not "grizzly enough," round off your holiday with a visit to the house of the most "graz-like" Grazer on both sides of the Atlantic, Arnold Schwarzenegger.