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Activities in Ghent

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Fancy travelling through time? Then the Belgian Ghent is not only a place that you have to see, but also a place you must experience. London, Rome and Paris are undoubtedly fascinating cities, but in the second largest city of Flanders, those who are in search of something special can immerse themselves in a bygone era. Located right at the confluence of the River Leie and the Scheldt, Ghent still exudes the breath of the medieval wealth of a prospering trading metropolis in its lanes lined with magnificent guild and merchant houses.

Whether on foot or during a boat tour, the historic Ghent is a place where history becomes tangible, not least thanks to the Ghent Belfry, the majestic St. Bavo’s Cathedral and the almost completely preserved Grafenburg Castle. Typical Belgian cosiness can be found here on every corner and paired with a freshly roasted coffee and fragrant Flemish pastries on the banks of the Leie, the relaxed cultural trip to Flanders gets twice as much fun.