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Activities in Paris

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"Paris, the city of love, a baguette, café au lait ..." that’s at least what the German rock band "Die Fraktion" sings about the French capital. Reducing these only to clichés such as white coffee and white bread would be a real faux pas. In terms of romance, the cliché is still true. Which city carries "l'amour" deeper in the heart than Paris? It does not matter if in love or not, a boat tour on the Seine, a climb to the Eiffel Tower, a visit to the Notre Dame Cathedral and a ramble through the gardens of Versailles Palace are definitely something very special. Art and culture are as much a part of the DNA of the French capital as Haute cuisine and the omnipresent aroma of roasted coffee and freshly baked macarons, which flows from the countless street cafes on the banks of the Seine. But Paris also has its dark sides. No, we're not talking about the districts you would not enter in Munich, Berlin or Hamburg, but the catacombs under the city. A journey through the caves filled with tens of thousands of skeletons is just as much a must for adventurous holidaymakers as a trip to Disneyland Resort Paris for families.