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Activities in Glasgow

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"While Edinburgh has the Parliament, the Royal Palace and a volcano - Glasgow, on the other hand, has style." One thing is certain about the Glaswegians: they have a lot of self-confidence. Rightly so, given that the modern city of Glasgow is in fact something of a counterpoint to the more historical Edinburgh. Having risen from the ashes of heavy industry like Phoenix, Glasgow has its own character between tobacco barons, anchored tall ships such as “The Tall Ship”, and the state-of-the-art Glasgow Science Centre. It is no coincidence that amidst typical Scottish pubs, Glasgow has not only developed into the unofficial party stronghold of Britain but is also regarded as the culinary centre of Scotland. And if that were not enough, at the gates of Glasgow lies Loch Lomond. Scotland's largest and arguably most beautiful lake, on whose shores one can smell the malted fragrance of the whiskey distillery Glengoyne from a great distance. Yes, in the face of this diversity, we can understand the pride of Glasgow. Or, as a great football philosopher once said in a modified form: Glasgow or Edinburgh - the main thing is England!