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Activities in Liverpool

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Liverpool is a working-class town of run-down grey concrete blocks, grey docklands and a hoard of drunken football fans. Admit it, this is the picture you have in mind when you think of the Second City of the British Empire. Well then, it's high time you convinced yourself that Liverpool is different, and that the hometown of The Beatles was the European Capital of Culture in 2008 for a reason. Despite all the modernity in the cityscape and the progressive art, culture and music scene, Liverpool does not deny its rough roots. On the contrary, as you stroll through the historic docks, cruise the Mersey, and visit the Merseyside Maritime Museum, you can see that the metropolis still exudes the authentic flair that many European cities have lost. Liverpool still has some real authenticity to be proud of on both sides of the Mersey. You will not only notice it on a trip to the Beatles Museum "The Beatles Story", but also on a tour of the home of the legendary Liverpool FC, which represents the soul of football like no other club. For those not so keen on football, the "Cathedral" on Anfield Road is worth a visit. After all, this is the key to understanding the hard but friendly metropolis in England's northwest.