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Activities in Orlando

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Some residents of Orlando claim that the city got its name from the character "Orlando" from William Shakespeare's play "As you like it". Where the connection exists, we are not sure. But what we do know is that you will definitely like the metropolis in the heart of the Florida sunshine. How do we know that? To put it simply, Orlando is the tourist capital of the United States with over 62 million visitors a year, and with good reason. Who has not always wanted to visit the original Walt Disney World Resort or walk in the footsteps of legendary movie heroes from Harry Potter and Jurassic Park at the Universal Orlando Resort theme park? But beyond the theme park world Orlando presents itself as an adventure playground for young and old adventurers. Whether it's an intergalactic excursion to NASA's Kennedy Space Centre, a bathing trip to the beautiful beaches of Daytona Beach, or close encounters with alligators on an airboat tour through the swamps of the Everglades. In no other place is the land of unlimited possibilities more diverse than in Orlando.