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Packing has never been so nice.
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Culture Nature Party

„Scotland with Style“

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City break Culture Carnival

Carnival, Kölsch and a Kranz

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Do you want to discover new worlds and experience things that are off the beaten tourist track and make your holidays unique? Then our travel magazine is exactly what you need to plan your next trip. Let yourself be carried away by the special flair of unique travel destinations on all continents. Thanks to real insider's tips, you can look behind the facade and find yourself in no time at exciting, mysterious and fascinating places, which can only be found in few travel guides. With a lot of charm and always on the lookout for a wink, we guide you through the metropolises of this world, to paradise beaches, deep into nature and also explore culinary worlds. Thanks to numerous high-resolution videos and dreamlike photos, you can already feel the warm sand between your toes, the sun on your face and breath the air of culture and history of the respective destination while reading our travel magazine. Magic? No, our charming insights, extensive point-of-interest data and picture galleries are responsible for this, which will get you right into the action. And so that you know whether the between-seasons jacket belongs in the luggage, we also provide the right weather data. This being said: Bon voyage!
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Vulcanoes Dream beaches Wildlife

Tropical paradise with many faces

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Chocolate Politics Culinary

Chocolate city in the heart of Europe

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Romance Culture Carnival

Beauty on more than 100 islands

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Museum & Music Food Romance

The heart in the heart of Europe

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Caribbean Awareness of Life Nature

Colonial romance and a touch of revolution

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City break Culture & Shopping Charming

Italy's secret capital

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Ireland Nature Pubs & Music

Discover the soul of Ireland

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Tradition Food Culture & Museum

Germany's secret capital

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History Culture & Museum Highlight

A journey into the heart of antiquity

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City Break Highlight Exciting

Tea, theatre and royal splendour

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Royal Fashion Food

Sweden's hip capital

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City break Highlight Shopping

Holidays in Gotham City

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Australia Culture Nature

The little pretty town

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