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The jewelry box of England

If there is such a thing as a typical English picture-book city, with a bit of architectural pomp, charming lanes, a river and a lot of cosy pubs, then it’s definitely Bath.
Join us on a journey to one of England’s oldest and most beautiful cities; visit the original locations of Jane Austen’s novels, explore Roman spas and indulge in their contemporary counterparts. And that’s not all, because even the immediate surroundings of Bath attract you with breathtaking sites such as the world-famous monument, Stonehenge. “Here we go!”.

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  • City Pass
  • Sport
  • Adventure
  • The Roman Baths
  • Royal Crescent + Grand Parade
  • Queen Square + The Circus
  • Pulteney Bridge + Street
  • Holburne Museum
  • Victoria Art Gallery
  • Royal Victoria Park
  • Theatre Royal
  • Sydney Gardens
  • Beckford’s Tower
  • Jane Austen Centre + Tea Room
  • Prior Park Landscape Garden
  • Bathwick Hill
  • Cross Bath
  • South Gate

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