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Short-term kick into happiness – destinations for the fast soul update. Welcome to our theme worlds and a sky full of travel variety!

Our theme worlds deal with lots of travel themes. Each in its own way. Use the small oases for inspiration, information and the crazy desire to pack your suitcase!

Go to the roots of the “Wellbeing” in our wellness travel theme world. Convince yourself that wellness is not only a visit to the most beautiful thermal baths and sauna landscapes, that a satisfied palate is part of the EntSPAnnung on our gourmet trips and that golf trips do not contribute to health into old age without reason. Discover new impulses for spontaneous short trips with children and a short trip with a dog in our short trips theme world. Let the scent of the wide world blow around your nose with our insider tips for Hamburg and find out why the Bavarian Brezn is a mistake in the Inside-München article. In our city tours, follow destinations that do not call for a visit in the hustle and bustle of the city. Get to know the numerous advantages of travel vouchers and look forward to your destination with high-quality travel guides and illustrated books. Why not spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve differently than usual or get your skis and snowboard out of the basement? Our theme worlds Christmas holidays, New Year’s Eve trips and ski trips bring inspiring destinations into your focus.

Great magic of dreamlike travel experiences – alternatives with glitter and glamour

Our cruises theme world takes care of questions about ship codes as well as cabin selection. With our theme world train tours you can immerse yourself in the fairytale world of legendary trains. Apropos: Do you know the most beautiful diving spots on earth? Our themed world of diving trips certainly does!