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For all interested tour operators and cooperation partners we have summarized the most important questions and answers in our FAQ section:
Which tour operators can be accepted by TOURLIEBHABER?
In principle, we can accept all tour operators who have a qualitatively appealing offer and the technical framework conditions. It does not matter to us how “big” a provider is or how many offers it has in its portfolio. Important for us: quality and cooperation at eye level.
Which technical requirements must a tour operator fulfil so that its offers are listed on TOURLIEBHABER?
We accept all common file formats of a feed. Since each tour operator sometimes has different focal points, we are happy to discuss the technical integration individually. It is important that the offers of the tour operators include the complete portfolio. We do not do “half” things.
What are the advantages for tour operators when they list their offers on TOURLIEBHABER?
The secret is synergy. On the one hand, you present yourself on a platform that is second to none with its daily updated variety of offers. Qualitatively, optically as well as contentwise. Exactly this variety is the linchpin for our website visitors. If a visitor is interested in a round trip or hiking trip, he will find a short trip while browsing, which can be spontaneously realized over the weekend or vice versa. He comes across travel ideas, themes and places that have perhaps never occurred to him before. He gets to know new, different travel providers and enjoys the variety, which is completed with the offer of travel guides and trips as gift ideas.
How long does it take for a tour operator's offers to be integrated into TOURLIEBHABER?
We are fast, that’s for sure. If we have all the information we need, the integration will take place within a few days. With a little luck, often on the same day.
Does TOURLIEBHABER reject certain travel topics?
Yes, we do. These are basically cheap/dumping offers, everything to do with racist, pornographic content as well as gambling, sweepstakes and banner advertising.
How much does the integration of the offers on TOURLIEBHABER cost?
Nothing. Why? Firstly because we are nice and secondly because you remunerate us for bookings with affiliate commissions. The amount will be agreed individually. Other costs for you as a tour operator? No.
Can a tour operator choose the category in which it will be included?
Yes, if it makes sense. We will discuss the distribution in our categories together in advance.
Is the admission to the travel and tourism portal TOURLIEBHABER subject to time limits?
No, there are no specific transit times, ticket systems or things that make cooperation difficult. We work together as long as you and we feel comfortable. By the way, we stand on a “long-term” basis. Even our copywriters can’t help the word “deadline” in the long term.
The suitable category is not available despite the variety - what now?
Then we should talk to each other urgently. We are curious, with what you would like to enrich our portal and the website visitors.
What's with the login area for tour operators?
Especially for – mostly smaller – tour operators, who simply lack the technical possibilities to post their offers with us, this comfortable area was created. We are currently working on a solution to offer tour operators at home and abroad a cost-effective tracking solution.
Can a tour operator be listed exclusively in one category?
You find the question strange? So do we. Therefore we answer it with a very clear “No”.
Any questions? Then we are looking forward to an email to partner@tourliebhaber.de